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Don't ask me

I haven't a clue what you were talking about.

You told me my post was hogwash.

Said I was pushing something..."that is the msm meme"

People here are beating up Ron Paul not for what was tweeted but for what the MSM said it meant.

Turn of the TV and think for yourself. Your arguments are your tell.

I was trying to figure Why I am being accused of watching TV and not thinking for myself.

I really think it is a bad idea to use violence. Sure defend yourself as you see fit. But the best way to beat these idiots is through nonviolent means. They have a ton of trained killers in their ranks and sure if they cross the line one could be seen as justified in taking defensive actions.

All I am saying is these guys are the keystone the history of empires few have been this terrible at running one. If a few people start a shooting revolution the rest of the country isn't going to look favorably upon it. If we work through non violent means you will expose the state for the monster it is and it will be clear to the masses who the bad guys are and who is innocent.

I don't really think your bible quotes are demonstrating a clear call for violence; sorry.

People need to chill out...smoke some grass or something.

People get the government they deserve. Most everyone here Knows how F'ed up everything is, but there are many who refuse to believe it or don't even want to know about it. Not to mention just about every democrat is happy as a pig in sh!t with the current state of affairs and the GOP voters are just pissed they don't have their guy on the top of the terrible heap.