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Comment: Some thoughts on social networking.

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Some thoughts on social networking.

Every single one of these publishing platforms. Practically everybody everywhere. The same like me tweet me, friends and family, be likeable, connect, make pages all over the place that all feed off each other in this endless loop...and it's like totally 180 from the whole point of the stupid book.

Ironic how it's supposed to encourage people to NOT spend time online or teach you what to do when online doesn't exist in any positive measure (@friends currently #starving who wants to check my farmworld? lolz cough wheeze).

Just as ironically I rent the patch of dirt I camp on and the landlord, well can I do chickens? Nope too noisy. How about bunnies? Nope he's allergic to them. Seriously? Ok how about I dig a root cell...right. Nope. OK well how about I put up a wind turbine on the poll? Nope, we don't want to attract attention. And I gotta agree there. Keeping a reasonably low profile in the real world is totally the way to go for us campers.

I suppose I can console myself with the reference material aspect: it will hopefully be there when you need it.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.