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I did get ahead of myself

I did get ahead of myself slightly when I said he needs to be on radio, but I did say I haven't heard him before and qualified my opening statement when I said if he's listens.... If from here onward he speaks as well or better than he did in this video and interviews rather than talks to someone, I think radio could be in his future. That said, I agree with you, skippy d.

Swears and other mind eating language should be avoided. If he does swear, an emphasis and clarity tactic, I hope he curtails it to imperative points or, better, to not using them.

The effect of swearing is like that of a druggie who increases his consumption of a drug or takes a stronger drug to reach the effect from the drug he took first, the swearer must use more impactful words and use them ever increasingly to reach the effect they gave when he began swearing. Swearing is that way for its user and, more important, for the people receiving -- that is, hearing or reading -- the swears.

Upon the user's being aware that he swears often and offensively (as opposed to defensively), he notices his environment has changed tremendously and always for the worse, whereby the people surrounding him aren't just users but are hardcore users, people who are wasted and probably the kind of persons they didn't intend to be, the opposite of what they were or of what they could have been, themselves refined. Those who receive that language, abusive language, go into two camps: people who thrive off it and people who avoid it. The two camps emerge gradually and because so, the one remaining is the force that perpetuates the person who swears (to the people of that camp). Yes, a cycle.

I hope the guy in the video stops using swears if he uses them how you said he does, often. If he says them often, I hope he becomes conscientious of this use. But if he's aware of this use, then probably unknowingly he is harming himself and his audience. If he is cognizant that swears, however, do dull the mind, then his mind will be protected, will be the same. But the minds of the members of his audience, especially those persons who believe swears "get things done," their minds will wear down to incapability of thought and become engorged in aggression. Swearing is deleterious mentally and physically because language -- thought expressed -- is intimate to action.

As any thing is, it has a relationship to a thing, a reciprocal state. About swearing, the person who swears rarely or never, not only will he heighten his audience intellectually, causing them to think adroitly and swiftly because, they, his audience, won't spend time deflecting foul words to piece his message together, an operation of fluidity, they will do the same to him, causing him to increase his prowess and without effort he invites his opponents to listen and learn, thereby provide opportunity for brotherhood, opportunity for peace.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.