Comment: I think its fAN F'N TASTIC!

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I think its fAN F'N TASTIC!

I say join in on the praise. Lets concede the election today, just so I don't have to hear about it or see the commercials.

In all seriousness the system is too far gone to be fixed. I would much rather see the democrats in charge for 40 years than have the collapse blamed on free markets. You know that is how it goes when the GOP is in charge.

It will be much easier to say "what free markets"as long as there is not some half wit up there spewing fake liberty.

I Hope Hillary gets in and Janet Yellin is the FED chairman so we can be just like Argentina with two women in charge of the credit card. High inflation and price controls will be in vogue. Maybe make stupid threats to a near by island chained under British rule too. I like my band aids ripped off quickly and not ever so slowly.