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Comment: This is the most insane

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This is the most insane

This is the most insane comment I have ever heard that carbs are not required by anybody. I don't even want to waste my time rebuttling.

No scientific evidence to support my carb burning gene theory..... my jaw just dropped. Are you telling me that there are no genes in a person that set up the design for carb burning? *facepalm* We all burn carbohydrates. I lost weight and corrected horrible diet problems by dropping the addd oils and most of the meat and dairy. And its widely understood we all have genes that control how cells metabolize fat and carbs. Some people metabolize quicker and they lose fat faster.

I guess you are right and thats why we have 4 billion fat asians in the east

And its true there are people who deal with fat better than others. I really hope you will watch the doctors in the top two links i provided in my other comment.

Enjoy fruit enjoy starches stay away from cancer causing meat and dairy as best you can. nuff said