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Replace the cigs with something else.

During my teens, I smoked for ~4 1/2 years. I smoked a lot. I got whooping cough, was messed right up for more than 2 weeks (I couldn't smoke, could barely breathe,) and I just quit. It's been said that 2 weeks breaks a habit. I disagree. But I know that it helps.

Last year, for ~5 months I was kind of addicted to cigarillo cigarette/cigars (Primetime's/Honeytime's.)

I'd smoke a couple cigarillos a day, more if I was having drinks. I knew it was messing up my health, so I quit. Since then, I have only smoked a few individual cigarillos, my last smoke was months ago. I've been doing good. I have no desire to smoke tobacco.

Initially, it was difficult. I'd be watching a movie, there is a cigarette, and I'm like "I'M GOING TO THE STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lol I quit by using will power and junk food. Instead of buying a cigarillo from my local convenience store, I'd buy a bag of chips instead. Or some other snack food.

Try it. It won't be easy, but it might help/work for you. Replace the cigarettes with something else. If you start smoking crack instead, I finish with this:

"This comment is not endorsed by the FDA. Seek a physician."