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Apparently you've never heard of triglycerides. Triglycerides are fats in the blood that are a direct result of conversion of carbs (glucose) into ...hold... wait for it...FAT!!!! A fat that is readily stored in fat cells.

Triglycerides (from the cleveland clinic, one of the most famous heart centers in the world):
Clearly listing carbs as the chief progenitors of triglycerides.

And wiki (which I trust more than most other sources because it is constantly peer-reviewed):
Note here that high carb diet is first on the list as causes of high triglycerides

and here, again from wiki:
And again, under reducing triglycerides it says to cut CARBS...

As for fats. here is an article from one of the most renowned fat experts alive today, Mary Enig. She has a Phd in... hold it... wait for it...FATS!!! Lipids (FATS) are all she studies. She was the primary mover and shaker in the recent "trans fats are bad for you" war and was the first to sound the claxon call to that end. Unless you have a PHD in lipids as well, you may be wise to heed her words:

Also, pure protein will never, not ever make you fat. It may make you larger (as in muscle growth) but it will never, not ever, add 1 single ounce of fat to your body. It my tie up your digestive system trying to break it into individual aminos so that your body stores other nutrients as fat. But it will never, not ever, make you fat. If you disagree, provide a link from a medical or encyclopedia type source that shows I'm wrong. Not some youtube video from a rabid vegetarian or a link or to an type website.

Even your own vegetarian guru in his video says that protein is seldom if ever used as energy (only when one is starving) and from what I can tell never says protein is stored as fat. He also said that the runners they fed just potatoes had to have oil eventually added to their diets as their nutritional (energy) needs could not be met with the starch alone from potatoes. Oil is FAT... I think it's about 7-9 minutes into your video.

The human body lacks the ability to make 8 amino acids. These must come from outside sources of...hold... wait for it... PROTEIN!!!
Does a potato have all 8?? I don't think so and I'm not going to look it up. You can Luna. A reputable source again please.

And then there is the B12 PROBLEM. Exclusively animal derived:

The article talks about the possibility that B12 can come from some plant sources but not a single source has been proven effective in a human trial and at best are pure speculation.

Go ahead and stuff yourself with with starches, just don't condemn others for not doing so nor go spouting off about diets that contain higher amounts of fats and proteins, from whatever source derived, are inherently bad for you. God showed Peter the blanket in Peters dream and it had pigs and all other sorts of animals and God said they were good to eat. Good enough for God, Good enough for me.


Paul C. Hanson