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Comment: Sounds like a book up my alley.

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Sounds like a book up my alley.

Became a doomsday prepper when Doctor Paul lost the nomination. I have been dehydrating and making pemmican. I have a very heavy over stuffed my Mora knife and a 100% Italian wool military blanket. I live in a desert though.....This weekend I made a slingshot out of PVC and set up a big bale of hay in the yard.......just wish I could hit it...
I purchased a pressure cooker but am afraid of canning meats and vegetables...Need to do some water baths first.I never knew how much didn't know. I also purchased the book "Back to Basics" ( want to try my hand at cheese making) and John Wiseman's Pocket version of "The Ultimate Survival Guide." This is a really fun hobby while we watch the country go to the crapper.Someday I may be known as "Bushcraft LES".