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Comment: You are kind to an old smudge pot

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You are kind to an old smudge pot

I'd be concerned. A few million? What if the internet runs out of words?

I really am digging this Smashwords thing because once you are in with your purchase, even with the 100% discount code, you get to download it for your Kindle, your iWhatever, the desktop to print out all nice and you get to do it as many times as you want.

There were also these settings for if you want to impose the stupid DCRM on your stuff (like H E DOUBLE TOOTH PICKS) which I guess is self-publishing's way of saying this is your proprietary material but you aren't invoking dudes with guns to come enforce it. Fact is what is now the "companion website" has given away the core info for over a year. All the really important stuff like determining moisture content and some of the figures for daily caloric content, well, we didn't see anybody else covering these bases. Some of the tables emphasising what temps do, well we hope that drives it home. It's almost like you wanna store your food like you store gold. You always wanna be thinking about it but taking the basic precautions you can sleep at night.

Word up: who cares what I sell, the important thing is you guys have the info so I'm really counting on you all to assimilate this and pass it on. If we are endowed by Creator with certain inalienable rights, one of them is surely chomping on food which sustains us and this is a pretty tangible way of recognising that food is holy because we are. And feeding people is therefore a sacred activity.

I have often felt that maybe the only way we an truly honour God is to try and take care of his people. Feeding them is so simple but absolutely necessary. They can't go long without food and even less without water which is why I kinda went into water with this one. Freeze dried and dehydrated stuff saves weight, mass and longevity but it requires water. Store bought canned vegetables have lots of water in the can but they are heavy. Not good bugout stuff.

Did I mention that prepper tuna is tuna packed in oil? Oil is a major nutritional component to dry goods survival food, our body needs oils and fats. And also you can use fish oil or vegetable oil for fuel for a lamp. Or to waterproof fabric or paper. Or to heal flesh wounds and moisturise your skin or to smell-bait a snare.

Fact is this book is like an invitation to each and every one of you to write your own book on any sub-topic. Canning is great and people do it on youtube but candying and stuff like freeze-fermentation? Wanna make some applejack next winter? What we need is a guy or gal with an apple orchard and then we need a cider press.

And I kinda see where this is going. We just start to group up deals: buy our books in a bunch for a discount. let's do it, what the heck? Group up and do give-aways of our books to benefit DP or whatever or whomever. It occurs to me that as soon as I got a book I can do "special editions" for fundraisings. I guess the advantage there is unlike a post on the site, a published material kinda has an archival quality. Once it's out there it doesn't have an edit button. You have to publish a new edition.

And I gotta say it's fun so far. It's interacting with people on a whole new level. Giving somebody a book is like giving them your thoughts with a rain check, they don't have to or probably won't read it right then. But you never know when they will show up to cash it in.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.