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Comment: Ho! Yo are making pemmican?

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Ho! Yo are making pemmican?

Woo hoo! Now maybe somebody (ahem) needs to learn how to make twisin...hmmmmm...see that? always room for improvement. Totally tell us how you are making your pemmican. If you want to.

People should know that wool keeps like 75% of it's insulating qualities even when it's wet. Not like cotton which only gives you like 20% if the wind isn't hitting you. If the wind is hitting you, you want cotton off you. And down isn't worth a thing when it's wet.

So you are right that getting into cheese or any of the methods is totally worth books in itself and there's youtubes for most of the practical methods I talk about. Amazing how youtube has how-tos for almost anything. But some of the science and calculation stuff isn't really good for youtube so text is still handy.

Cheese and fermentation, beer brewing, all that stuff calls for high levels of sanitation so I guess my first idea is to find a really really big stainless pot to boil everything in. And I totally buy the disposable food service gloves at Costco to keep my filthy dirty ugly hands from contaminating things.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.