Comment: Rand was sounding good, until

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Rand was sounding good, until

he brought up Israel as a major factor in the Syrian atrocity created by the US. Let's see, he wants to audit Rothschild's Fed to end it, but supports much of the military interventions benefiting the Fed's interest, and supports protecting Rothschild's state of Israel at all costs? Rand can't 'have his cake and eat it too'! If Rand would of demanded to take a 'real' tour around Israel, instead of just going on the tourist scripted illusion, he wouldn't have such a illusionary view about Israel. The media makes a big deal out of the Muslim countries laws agaisnt prostelyzing, but fails to mention it's also a prison sentence in Israel if Christians prostelyze. In Israel, the Muslims and Christian Palestianians unite together to support each others religous beliefs against persecution by the Israeli's. Rand continues to dig himself deeper into the hole where blackmail will soon decide his political beliefs. Also, with his claim to be a Christian, he will face Judgement for his ignorance of the teachings of Christ, especially what is clearly stated in Rev 2:9 and 3:9. Myself, being a former Zionist Christian, and knowing what these people believe, not just from a religous point, but their almost encouragement of a One World Government creation, so they can be, what is entirely a deceptive hoax, 'raptured', my support for Rand is almost nil. If you would like to learn more about why these evangelical Christians support war and Israel, so you can get a better perspective, watch this video.