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There are

Things i completely disagree with Glenn's speech, but with that said, what he said about 'not dancing on the graves of Nazi's' i think had truth in it. By truth i mean the principle of being respectful when someone has died regardless of what they did or what they stood for.

Now, i am not going to equate what Ron Paul tweeted to something (i.e. the nazi picture) so abhorrent, but with that said, what he did say i believe was very wrong timed and such a comment cannot be said in a 140 character tweet and as a result, it did come off as disrespectful.

I agree with him on the issues he raised about PTSD and perpetual collatoral damage from the impacts of war, but you just can't communicate a message that is so controversial in such a sensitive environment in such a way.

Such a comment demands a mugh bigger explanation and i don't think his facebook post - while clearing a lot up - did enough.

I sincerely hope he does something that shows the compassion i know he has.