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Comment: Come on people - the DP is supposed to be

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Come on people - the DP is supposed to be

better informed.
What good would drafting up articles of impeachment do? Impeachment is tried in the Senate where a 2/3 majority is needed.

Quickly - name the 21 democrats in the Senate that will go along with this. That's what I thought. Not to mention - i am not sure Beohner would go along with it - I think he actually has a crush on Obama.

If they put this through now - you can bet on the dems crushing the repubs in 2014 - which means you can kiss any hope of a future America good bye.
If the dems gain that much popularity - there is no room for liberty candidates - we need these two sides going at it like cats and dogs.
To put forth an impeachment would make the Republicans too weak to fight - not good for us. Could you imagine if the dems win the house as well - holy crap - kiss it all goodbye people.

Our hope lies in two weak parties - not one strong one.