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Comment: Rand says: War is a horrible tragedy

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Rand says: War is a horrible tragedy

A million Christians in Syria are from Iraq, and the rebels are radical elements from Islam, and Rand wants to not give them weapons (no funding for arms, only humanitarian funds).

Humanitarian assistance should happen, giving arms is not a solution, Rand says. Rand says the US is sending weapons and a problem. I agree.

Rand has joined the Foreign Relation committee and says containment is a good idea in keeping peace (this opposes Bush doctorine, preemptive war) and he opposes troops occupying the world RAND SAYS.

Concerning Iran, stragic ambiguity is better.. note, Obama took nukes off the table and headline news this morning is Iran says nukes are on the table, and talks won't work. (VP Biden opened up to dilomacy after Rand's Harritage speach).

Rand is correct. Iran is showing their true colors. Many here may side with Iran because they don't understand the whole picture reguarding global war or why the US is doing what it is doing (Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy), such as spying on Iran, which backfired Rand is moving away from these kind of actions.

"We should not walk around with a swagger, saying we will drop a nuclear bomb on Iran. There are things that need to be known that are better left unsaid." It's the concealed weapon idea, which anyone with a concealed weapon permit understands, and Ron Paul would agree. We have a right to DEFEND our interests.

Then Rand is asked about Americans being targeted with no judicial review. He says, he's troubled by it. Then he talks about a 16 year old boy killed who was related to somebody who renounced his country, a terrorist, Rand would have tried that renouncer for TREASON, FISA court, "or some judge..because killing someone without any judicial oversite is an inappropriate activity for the executive banch/ president."

I don't see anything wrong with what Rand has said. Ron Paul talks about what we would all like to see, but he does not talk about how to get from where we are, to where we want to be. "Just bring them home", is not so simple. Rand is changing the Bush doctorine which Obama kept. So I think Rand is doing a wonderful job educating people and how to wage PEACE in a world that wants WAR.