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Time for a change?

Bakunin was a contemporary of Warren, Andrews, and Spooner.

That time period was before those events that are now called The Civil War.

That time period was after Andrew Jackson (a Nationalist) took over control of the Central Bank (in-fighting as in: Legal Crime) and those were then the days of Wild Cat Banking, and a growing (growing since at least 1787 and The Dirty Compromise) abhorrence of LEGAL SLAVERY.

Andrews was an abolitionist, and a white guy, a genius, in command of speaking many languages, that type, a real smart guy.

Warren was a worker, inventor, and he invented his own printing press to get around the Monopoly Press of the day, speaking of equitable commerce, which then became known as anarchism.

Warren is called The First American Anarchist, but Warren rejected any title that does not accurately communicate information - rightly so.

Now Marx, as far as I know, was among those anarchists, in that time period, but his work lent itself better to Legal Criminals, and then there is Bakunin.

Bakunin pointed out, as did Andrews, the failings of socialism, while pointing out, at the same time, the productive uses of socialism, so both Andrews and Bakunin were thrown out of The Club that became known as The Communists.

Spooner, meanwhile among the anarchists, could be seen as the true voice of reason, if not as much an actor in the day to day power struggle.

Warren did not simply say things, he proved his work in experimentation, and his work is alive and well in any case where commerce is equitable - self evident facts - if anyone cares to look.

In my considered opinion, it was Warren's work on such things as The Cost Principle, and The Labor Dollar, that inspired The Communists to counterfeit that understanding into a nebulous Labor Theory of Value.

Modern day Political Economists, to prove a point, refuse to even entertain the work of Warren, preferring instead to regurgitate the lies invented by The Communists. I can quote from Rothbard on that point, and I have an open challenge to anyone thinking otherwise.

"Bakunin was the original anarchist from the 1840s, a friend of Marx."

If possible the above sentence could be explained in some way.

A quick search uncovers this:

THE TEMPESTUOUS relation between Marx and Bakunin is a well known legacy of the history of western socialism. As co-members of the International Working Men’s Association, they seem to have devoted as much energy battling one another as their common enemy, the capitalist system, culminating in Marx’s successful campaign to expel Bakunin from the organization. While at times engaging in cordial relations, they nevertheless harbored uncomplimentary mutual assessments. According to Marx, Bakunin was “a man devoid of all theoretical knowledge” and was “in his element as an intriguer”,1 while Bakunin believed that “... the instinct of liberty is lacking in him [Marx]; he remains from head to foot, an authoritarian”.2

I can expand further on the links between Marx and Warren and how The Communists had to censor the genuine liberty minded "left" (so called).