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Tar Baby

"(Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy)"

I threw my hat in here and now I'm working to distance myself from a possible misunderstanding.

Those who are the most powerful human beings on the planet have their power by way of crime made legal, and they are now spending that power on wars.

This is a comprehensive understanding, or competitive perspective, and you can check the facts yourself - please.

Some people say that the Trade War (so called) is done to subsidize exports, or some other such nonsense, and many (including Gerald Celente) do not seem to look past that half truth.

Wars cost a lot in materials.

That is where the power is going.

When all these "Central Banks" around the world start "printing money" they are buying things.

What are they buying?

They are buying the means by which they can keep stealing, and then remain the most powerful human beings on the planet.


(Obama and Biden are all over the map as if they don't agree, don't have a plan, are not prioritizing a strtigy)

I want to make sure that I distance my viewpoint (expressed below) of Rand Paul from anything such as that quote above may inspire in anyone's mind.

That above, to me, is the very dangerous viewpoint, often repeated, that is false, concerning "how stupid those guys are" and of course, by relative measure, how smart we are.

We, supposedly the smart ones, keep paying them for lying so well.

How smart can that be?

If "they" are so dumb, then how is it that some 250 million people in this country are working harder and harder, as they are told to do, so as to pay for World War III, where our "stupid leaders" plan on us loosing that war, so that they can stay in power and we pay the bills?, "they" are not stupid.

They are very evil criminals, and they are not making mistakes, and if the collection of some 250 million victims, give or take a few thousand, don't wise up, and stop rewarding the best liars for lying so well, then the wrong end of the War and Global Bank Monopoly stick will be ours to handle soon enough.

That is what is at stake, and I can almost guarantee that Rand Paul knows this better than I do, so I can imagine only so far as to what is on the road he is on.

Go ahead and call me stupid too, if it makes you feel slightly better.