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Comment: Not stupid, but very difficult to understand

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Not stupid, but very difficult to understand

Seems no matter how slow I read your post, it's iver my head, so I can not say you're stupid, apparently you are WAY WAY over my head making me the stupid one.

So let me try to understand what you are saying:

First, I don't see them as the most powerful people. I believe the most powerful people keep themselves in power by remaining hidden and employ puppets such as Obama and Biden.

I'm not aware of the trade war to subsidize exports. I thought it was a privatized prison industry that did that. My understanding is the USA has the largest prison industrial complex in the world.

War is spoils.

Where is what power going? Oil.. to protect the investments Americans made in the ME with contracts the Arabs agreed to, and when the Arabs decided they wanted our investment and to break the agreements, we have had issues ever since. And still Americans buy gas fueled vehicles and depend on a oil based society, they don't want to drill for oil in their own back years, but don't want wars. We all seems to want our cake and eat it too.

Ok so central banks,, printing monopoly money.. are buying peace, and why you don't have a nuke exploding over your head right now.

I am not saying Obama or Biden are stupid. I am saying that they are not in the same page. Buden said the other day he wants diplomacy. Obama is saying he wants to continue Bush pre-emtive doctorine.

Where do you get this idea I think they are dumb? I don't think they are dumb. I don't agree with Obama. appreciate what Biden said, and point out Biden and Obama are not in agreement.

We have nearly 9 million of those people on disabilty,, halfof those mentioned are chulred and are "protected" by child labor laws so they are not working.. 18 nillion are in the service, millions are in prisons or working for prisons, and many others are working for one government department or another and most of them frankly don't give a damn, but are more interesing in what's for dinner.

As for them being criminals.. whose going to police them? Are you suggesting the UN? If you are suggesting that it we the people, then how do we the people do that?

Ron Paul wanted us to join the GOP, become delegates, take committee seats, get elected into office and be the change you want.. that's what I've done. That's what I'm doing.

It appears to me, that Rand Paul is wafging peace with a prioritized stratigy that eliminates pre-emptive war and brings us back to Congress declaring war and people being tried in courts rather than drone fodder.

I feel good because I LOVE Jesus and am grateful for the wonderful gifts my God gives me, filling my days with joy and happiness, the clean air and water, the flowers and tall trees, the beauty and peace that surrounds me and gives me serenity.

peace be with you.