Comment: I have read through the years that there is a large

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I have read through the years that there is a large

Off Grid patriot population in Idaho. So that would bring a larger threat to the PTB, Crime bank mafia families. The response would be to show a larger NWO military/police state in that area.

I live in Texas. Texas is a front line NWO area not only because the resistance groups are more and larger in Texas but it holds the key to what I call the rape road, they call the TTC, trans texas coridor toll super highway.

Simular to what the Rothschilds did to Germany after WW2 the Autobon was a road to transport every possible german resource off Rothschild coffers.

So to the TTC, hence my term the rape road its a road to rape North America this area of every possible natural resorce and pack it away by land to central american and then ship it off to europe, in the family coffers. In fact to discourage the false debt slaves from using the TTC its a toll road owned by a (bankrupt nation) Spainsh Rothschild corporation. The Texas GOv is nicknamed BILDERBURG Perry who stole the elections and was installed by his masters. He attended the Bilderburg in violation of the Logan Act, never held to account for the crime of course. Any way he got his orders from the Rothschild Bilderberger's.

Many think that we Texans stopped the Rape road TTC, not true. Publicly they say they stopped construction but in reality today construction continues.