Comment: Who decides what is righteous

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Who decides what is righteous

Who decides what is righteous and for whom... the sniper's motive or the victim's demise? Were civilians the target of such "sniping" to advance a political cause? In the military tactical sense, the film "Enemy at the Gates" gives a good example of sniper's marksmenship being a survival tactic in active warfare. I'm not sure where Kyle was deployed to justify the notches on his gun belt because it all becomes a secret operation, doesn't it? Did the victims even know they were at war? Was Kyle so indoctrinated that he would have no difficulty targeting American citizens too if asked? You take offense at the term "Jackal". What is the difference between a "Jackal" and a sniper? I would guess the jackal is a paid mercenary. The sniper is a military man who thinks he is protecting his country??? At any rate I believe we are on a slippery slope with our "justified" abandonment of "commandments", ethics, principles, and courtesy. Our humanity is being tested.