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Comment: Good questions!

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Good questions!

Ones I didn't think of myself. But Granger, I used to have to read Josf 2 or 3 times to understand his words. I still do sometimes every now and then have to reread a paragraph or something. But finally I am understanding his words the first time only took 10 months...

I don't know enough about history or current events to ask the kind of questions you raise though. But I do see the world as being run by a bunch of criminals with a goal to maintain their power.

I do think we want to to drill, but there are forces at work to keep us from drilling and some of that is propaganda that other suck up and then they don't want to drill. It is all about the money IMO. There are probably better sources of fuel than oil, but they may be snuffed so that the power remains focused on oil. I can't back that up so probably shouldn't have said it.

I have been thinking about the prison thing as well. A lot of countries kill alot of their criminals instead of housing them. Criminals are also let loose on society during revolutions. That concerns me as I see we have such a large prison population. What if they are being radicalized. What if we are disarmed and they are let loose during a civil uprising? Prisoners were set free in Lybia and got Gadaffi. Then the prisoners were in charge. Anyways I saw a documentary about that so I could back that one up, but I would never watch it again. It was horrible violence.

This "I feel good because I LOVE Jesus and am grateful for the wonderful gifts my God gives me, filling my days with joy and happiness, the clean air and water, the flowers and tall trees, the beauty and peace that surrounds me and gives me serenity. "

is much better than focusing on violence. But I do think Josf has a point about the Criminal Power in charge.