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I think you just like to argue because now you are putting words in my mouth and then echoing what I have said. I didn't say that anyone claimed that "Only" P.T.S. is normal. People respond differently. Let me use a few small examples just to clarify, simplistic as they may be.

What was your reaction to Sandy Hook? A lot of people were heart broken with tears and sobbing. I and many here had no such reaction. What was your reaction to 9/11? Many here as well as around the country were heart broken with tears and sobbing. I and others who were already "enlightened" were not. On the flip side of that you have Waco where most of the country was cheering the death of those "Cultists" whereas I and others who knew the truth were crying and angry. I know these are simple examples but they hold true to more personal traumatic experiences as well.

Knowledge, understanding and attachment are big factors in how someone reacts to any "traumatic" experience. There is no NORMAL in the reaction itself, per say.

Anyway just one more observation for you to consider. If you don't think Post Traumatic Stress is a disorder then stop calling it P.T.S.Disorder. :-)