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Comment: Blah blah blah.. same bleeding heart liberal/neocon

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Blah blah blah.. same bleeding heart liberal/neocon

emotional manipulative, reactionary gibberish.

He does and has sought for that by calling for ending the wars.. it's people like you who wish to keep the public's denial machine running that are the problems.

I'd rather have straight truth over sugary mind rotting placation's.

The truth is, these soldiers need their eyes opened too.. They're not serving the righteous needs of a country..

Do I blame a cop that breaks his Constitutional Oath? How about a President? Congressman?

Oh but the cop was just following orders and so is a soldier? Nope, the TRUTH is, they're killing human beings so pardon me if I don't stop to care for the feelings of a soldier over the death of an innocent.

Wake up...

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