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Strategy I'd suggest

Try to find a former disgruntled staffer of Graham - Milk them like you are a dairy farmer for intel.

Nail Graham to the wall for supporting Obama on drones, use phrases such as 'Unamerican', 'Something you would expects from a communist country, but NOT here in America', 'Do you want Lindsay Graham spying in your bedroom window?' Stick with the ones that get the best response from the people, and hit Graham again and again relentlessly.

Use specific wedge issues to separate him from military support and military families.

Don't come across as Libertarian but if he calls you a Libertarian, you need a great comeback - try this: "If I'm a Libertarian based on the issues I support, then that makes Lindsay Graham a Liberal based on the issues he supports". "If being Libertarian means I love liberty, freedom and the American way, then I am - Lindsay Graham should try it sometime, he's obviously forgotten about it."

Be bloody cheap and brutal. Hammer him over and over. A few weeks before the election, clean it up and change messaging to patriotic, honorable and trustworthy. "When a senator's voting record does not reflect the will of the people who elected him, it's time to elect a new senator."

Good luck!