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On the subject of governing power

"I do think we want to to drill, but there are forces at work to keep us from drilling and some of that is propaganda that other suck up and then they don't want to drill. It is all about the money IMO. There are probably better sources of fuel than oil, but they may be snuffed so that the power remains focused on oil. I can't back that up so probably shouldn't have said it."

Open a Search engine and type in Oil Boom.

Power has to be governed in such a way as to keep the victims powerless to defend themselves while at the same time the victims have to be empowered to a point at which the governors (so called) are happy.

The Pursuit of Happiness (up-side-down).

Take too much, and we can't show up to the fight for a good show, even if we are supposed to lose - using "we" loosely.

How about a little boom to get the victims fired up for some real war?

Who knows.

I don't.

But history does have a way or repeating itself, as if following some script.

Gerald Celente knows the script, and so I'm not alone.

Boom, Bust, Trade Wars, Real Wars.

The general trend is down here in U.S.A., and that is odd, since never before in the history of Central Banking the home team is basically broke while the Central Bank borrowed at least quadruple the entire money supply for some purchase of some kind.

Why have the home team (frauds/extortionists/traitors/invadors/occupiers/criminals/criminals/criminals/with badges they gave themselves and told us to shine, quickly, and without objection, or question) doubling, tripling, quadrupling, the amount of their legal fraud notes, which gives them as much power to purchase as 4 entire United States Economies combined, or much more, who knows, they lie, and that Loan they took out on us is their official account of how much they borrowed from us, to buy something.


What are they buying now?

What do they need to buy with as much money as at least 4 entire United States Economies COMBINED into one big fat welfare check?

I don't know, but they allowed some people to go ahead and add more POWER to the oil supply that is home grown.

I've heard too that the pipeline deal is going through, so good times folks, boom baby boom.

See, folks, see how good those guys are, saving us from nukes, and all that good stuff.


I'm so happy I can just about, ahhhh, sit down.

"Criminals are also let loose on society during revolutions. That concerns me as I see we have such a large prison population. What if they are being radicalized. What if we are disarmed and they are let loose during a civil uprising?"

Can I offer a not easy to realize competitive viewpoint on this prison thing?

You can skip past if it is not welcome.

There are codes in prisons. One has to do with people guilty of harming children. Those types of criminals, according to most of the criminals, Mob Rule, or so I hear, those children raping, torturing, murdering, harming, criminals don't do so well in prison.

That may be why the so called "governors" pardon each other for being pedophiles, getting their hands caught in the pants of children, often enough for the so called "governors" would be hell to pay, if those types of criminals ever had to face real prison time.

Pardon me, please.

The ungovernable, so to speak, tend to be governing themselves, so the term ungovernable is misleading.

Another thing, and I've asked, and the answers are typically the same answer, most, a large, very large, majority of those vacationers, or prisoners, or whatever word works best, are in prison for supposed drug crimes.

This harkens back to what has been called, in not so distant past American History, as Prohibition. How did that work?

It worked great, why, well, because that was designed, that so called Prohibition, to crush competitors, like farmers, who were local producers of alcohol used in competition with oil as fuel for cars.

No, Joe, you are such a numskull.


So what is the drug angle now? How do you think all those secret police armies fund their operations? They have to first outlaw certain drugs so that those certain drugs become very scarce and therefore the price goes very high, and then they corner the market, and then they keep the drugs flowing, and then they collect the money.

Which money?

The One money of course.


No not that money.


What was Afghanistan before it started exporting opium?


Natives who were not happy about occupiers occupying their sand?

Oh, Joe, funny boy, there you go again.

Not me.

Here is a start:

Oh and the pedophile ring thing?

Not me. Leave me out.

Here is a terminal case:

So, all those criminals, in all those prisons, bad, bad, bad, every one of them, and what, what, what, is the final solution?

Hire worse criminals to make what they do pay really well while they use the money they earn (raping, torturing, and mass murdering for their exclusive fun and profit) to lock up anyone daring to do anything competitive, or for merely failing to obey without question.

That is the Final Solution. It is a terminal solution too.

"But I do think Josf has a point about the Criminal Power in charge."

So now they (legal criminals using our power borrowed from us) hire prisoners (but not just any prisoners) to work for them when they have a particularly insubordinate subject to terminate on reality television?

Is that a surprise to anyone?