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If working so hard to understand someone suited you, then good on you! Josf could be a lump of gold, but since I'm not seeking gold, I'm not interested in digging to get there.

(((((bear)))) As a Christian, you KNOW, there is Jesus Christ and there is THE WORLD, as it was, and will be, for ever and ever.

If it suits you to look at the world being run by criminals, then you will find yourself surrounded by criminals who take everything from you and hurt you. I don't see it like that.

I see good in people, and I think the world, being what it is, twists what is good to make it bad. One must have a very clean heart, clear head and hardened guts to see through the hate, confusion, and apathy.

Most Americans I know don't want to drill. We have a very popular bumper sticker on local's cars here. It's an oil well with a red circle and line crossing it, signifying: NO DRILLING. Many times the same car will have a NO WAR bumpersticker on the gasoline powered cars.

Most of our prisoners are non-violent. My preist homily last Sunday.. he talked about his previous work where he misistered at a prison. He talked about how our three strikes laws have put many young people behind bars for "kid stuff". Tears came to his eyes, and I could see, that he was hurt by the injustice of our system. A friend pointed out to me that the crime report now lists names, but not what the person did.

I think josf's point creates apathy, fear and hate.

What's he doing about it? Getting as far away as he can from those who don't buy it. Good for him. I appreciate it.

Josf and I are NOT on the same page. I LOVE it!

Blessings to you, my friend in Jesus.