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You have been misinformed

So those 8 amino acids come from protein man and their aint no protein in fruits and vegetables yea NICE ONE but wait... epic fail because fruits and vegetables have all 8 of those.
I tell you man people these days they just buy everything they hear.

Here you go here is an interview with Dr. Brian Clement who is a 40 year vegan who takes no b-12 supplements.
To dispell your b-12 myth, first of all b-12 does not come exclusively from meat you can also get it in mushrooms. and i'm not saying that means we should all be eating mushrooms
Just so you know this, your body doesn't need to get outside sources for b-12.. All you body needs is the proper environment to create its own b-12. Which is exactly what the gigantic population of vegetarians and vegans on this planet get it. It is created by the bacteria in your colon.
It is created by bacteria in your body and a healthy intestinal ecosystem will produce sufficient needs but we don't have that today because our diets have destroyed natural cycles. ... So I do think B-12 supplements are a good idea given the current nature of our food and health histories.

And don't condemn me for eating starches. The last thin I will do is condemn you but i'll call you out where the data conflicts. I would reccomend reading The China Study the most comprehensive book to show that meat oil and dairy = cancer. Protein helps build fat cells don't get me started.

Want to lower your triglycerides??
You are right about how triglycerides are made but it doesn't mean that the condition occurs when you consume more carbohydrates. But you must also be eating lots of FAT! Actually it can be to the contrary. Most diets that are recommended to lower triglycerides are plant based. and I like this one.. because its simple and easy to read. Look All I am saying is that there is alot of misinformation out there and people believe things that we simply know to be false