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Comment: Yeah yeah.. backpeddle now.. I know what those sugary words mean

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Yeah yeah.. backpeddle now.. I know what those sugary words mean

"I did not say that he should not say what he wants to say. I said he should think about the timing of his comment. And if he wants to make the comment, make it in a more thoughtful reasoned manner than a short 140 character tweet.

I don't think that equates to keeping "the public's denial machine running". I think that equates to exercising a degree of civility when trying to make a point."

By saying he should think about his timing, what you really mean to say is.. you thought the his timing was off and he should have waited.... Waited till when? Next week? A month a year from now? Maybe we should never say anything at all about a guy who enjoyed his "work".. so much so that he bragged about it and it may turn out that he lied about Ventura to get some publicity for his rotten ass book. That's the hallmark of honorable men huh...

Civility.. we are talking about our language in dealing with a murderer here... That's funny in a weird sort of way.

Dr.Paul stated the correct thing in the correct time and it was appropriate. Fitting even.. an observation, much as many of us might say with no ill will towards someone.. My own feeling about the guy are different than Dr.Paul's though.

There is never a good time to say anything for people like you who are busy tiptoeing around others for fear of ruffling feathers...

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