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Dangerously close

As with the events that occurred during the Ross Perot campaign awhile back the events occurring with the first and then the second Ron Paul campaigns, in my opinion, were measures of the power struggle between productive forces IN Liberty and destructive forces of Legal Crime where, in those events, the shift of power came dangerously close to tipping in favor of Liberty.

In other words, Ross Perot nearly exposed the fraud well enough that the Legal Criminals had to count the votes accurately and give up The Presidential Power office to a, what, maverick?

An ungovernable governor?

Someone who isn't reading from the script?

I don't see the same thing happening with Rand Paul, but if it does, then we will know it, that won't be the first time in our lives that things get that dangerously close to tipping the wrong way.

Of course I'm not using English well, or accurately, as the "side" I am speaking from tends to suggest to the reader that I want to subsidize, or pay for, Legal Crime, as an investment, and therefore it is dangerous to think in terms of an individual taking over that power and doing other things with that power, things other than crimes made legal.

"I read your words about the Criminals not letting us vote for him...but if were were able to, what are your thoughts in those regards?"

The thin veil of legitimacy shrouding Legal Crime is thinning, and that to me is why the Legal Criminals are so hard at work pumping all they can get into World War III, because the thin veil is their only protection from their victims WORLD WIDE.

Talk about fear.