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As for

arrogance, maybe ;)

I suppose I could be called worse. As for "no one cares" that may or may not be the case too, but it's in case anyone does that is the reason I strive for accuracy. Again, as I said, if I'm wrong on something I'll gladly admit it. This site has a lot of influence. People read it and form opinions, weighing them against other information they have. That's why I believe it's important to strive for accuracy, and why I have no problem admitting when I think I'm wrong.

On the other hand you seem to think this is more about who is right or wrong. That seems to be the difference between us. I'm after facts regardless where they come from. Lastly, I wouldn't set too much store by up or down votes. They come from people who think a certain way at a certain time. To think that is always going to reflect what is right is naive. If you have counter arguments I suggest making them rather than excuses. Of course, that's up to you.