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This is disjointed

I lost my place in the flow of discussion, so here goes here:

Rand Paul

I've seen him. I've eaten breakfast a few tables from him. I've personally paid for, and sat, and listened to what he had to tell a small audience in Reno Nevada.

I have some measure of the man, more than just reading, or watching, but certainly not being his Dad, raising him, and so I don't know.

Ron Paul

I first heard about Ron Paul in my early awaking days, and I found, finally, another so called "conspiracy theorist" on a newsgroup, I remember that well, it was before I ran for congress, and I read what the man had to say, and I said to the person handing the paper to me, WOW!

That is right on.

And then the person handing the paper to me said, look who wrote that, which I did, and it said Texas Congressman Ron Paul, not past Congressman, but that "conspiracy theorist", so named, was in office, and spreading this information.

That was back in my John Birch Society days.

My NRA membership days.

I've met Ron Paul, almost shaking his hand, the first time in Las Vegas Nevada. I heard him speak. That was when he mentioned the "anarchists" in the audience. I may have been targeted as one. I don't know, but as far as Ron Paul, the man, and the messages, there is little to doubt, he is the real deal.

I've met Ron Paul again, same place as Rand, not personally, not one one, but that isn't important to me, just the way it is, limited, but more than just reading or watching video, or television, or hearing radio.

So Rand Paul is the son of Ron Paul.

They did not eat together for breakfast, as far as I could tell, I was speaking to my wife at breakfast.

Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Maybe not, and that can be proven out in time.

As far as the National (not federal) election frauds go, I've seen 3 now that stand out, the first Ross Perot one, and both of the Ron Paul ones, and what can happen next?

What if Ron Paul didn't have a son in the Senate?

Jesse Ventura?

This isn't gambling, or if it is the stakes are high.

If We the People, we The Mob, this collective sum total of "votes" (the POWER that actually does count however that is measured) End the FED, and End the IRS, and Bring the Troops Home by July 4th of this year, how does that affect the Federal (no longer national) election coming to a theater near you?

Why gamble?

Stop paying (whatever power is fueling Legal Crime) the best liars (and pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and serial killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, frauds, extortionists, and mass murderers) so much for doing such a good job and what happens?

Rand Paul is elected and he wants to wipe Iran off the map?


Don't pay him either.