Comment: I just wish Ron wouldn't have said it like he did initially

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I just wish Ron wouldn't have said it like he did initially

It seems like once every 5 to 6 months he pops off out of his cool and collected demeanor and says something that doesn't sound like him. Generally, as he puts it, he doesn't like to blame people or blame someone as evil (necessarily) but rather a system or process. I cringe when I hear these things because I can feel it. I can literally feel the ocean of people out there slowly coming our way, on various issues and at various speeds. But, each time the "masses" are reminded of why Ron Paul is "extreme" it puts a wedge between us and them giving the establishment agenda continued time to exist and survive.

I just don't get it, he's such a gentleman and cool as a cucumber and then wham every once in a while we get these uncomfortable statements that (regardless of the truth or not) could be presented with more couth. He was a politician for over 20 years.

It does make me wonder though, because I have doubts that he is the one typing or sending tweets or emails. His hands are kind of knarled and probably not as spry as one might need to use a touch screen smartphone. So, if he isn't sending the message, is he crafting it or is someone else either writing what he dictates or writing it on his behalf altogether.