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Hey I remember those

Weren't they the Foxfire books though? Wow now that is going back. Pretty pricey, really nicely bound but not a coffee table book, they were field manual size although they were thick as a brick. I'd stand in the book shop and leaf through them to see if they had anything new.

And you are correct, I bet there's a youtube for almost every technique I describe. I'm kinda counting on it. Each one of them could be a book in itself. Butchering, canning, I stayed away from bee keeping and animal husbandry cause I kept reminding myself this one is about food storage not food production.

I kinda have an idea that the companion website might become a place for people to post good info links and youtubes. There's just a few things i think make this book unique is I give you some numbers, formulas and comparison charts. The one about determining moisture content of foods is at least 200 years old but very few people understand how to use it.

That said there is a time to just kinda back off and let things brew. This book and site and whatever it becomes isn't out to be better than the next guy. I guess it's here to update some things, brush the dust off some old ideas and kinda fill in some gaps. And that's why I don't offer any links to other sites so far. There are SO MANY and I won't even pretend to know which ones are best.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.