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Comment: I'm blown away.

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I'm blown away.

Not to whine too much but it's kinda been a disastrous few months financially, there are people that owe me but I haven't paid rent yet. I'd say I'm sweating bullets but I'm old enough to have this odd sense of faith. I'm not looking to this book to pull me out of this hole, this is just odd timing that made the book come alive.

Honestly, I don't know how or when I would have found the time to get it completed to this point. Work went through a slump and I happened to have this half-completed project on the shelf.

So far, a notch less than half of the people who ask for the hookup actually download a copy. I kinda changed the deal mid-stream. People started asking for different versions so I decided heck, that's exactly what Smashwords seems to be good for, you can download all the versions you want. As far as I know, that's permanent. So I know it looks like yet another registration form pain in the wazoo but in this case the benefits seem pretty awesome. I looked into the company and it's owner a bit. There's an actual mission there and a neat business model.

Anyways Mike, I'm grateful for your purchase, this experience is really giving me a thrill, a real bright spot I hadn't expected, warmth in the winter and the opportunity to make friends a bit deeper than likes on facebook.

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