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Quoted from my FB group a year ago...

This is the next step where we promote it to people instead of simply living it individually. Appologies for the mistranslated formatting....
Since every problem I can find in the world today boils down to control via money, all we have to do is to displace all the people's purchases from multinational corporations and banking systems to local, sustainable and equality driven ones. Once enough people are self sufficient in a given industry, the money (and power) will shift to the people, the companies' stocks will fall, investors will pull out and cause the death spiral to bring that company down.

So, how do we do this without millions of people behind us you ask? It's actually very simple. To illustrate this, I'll pick one industry. Starting with produce and veggies, we can support a company to get started that offers a completed aquaponics solution for home use. If that company can completely avoid debt, they can offer their product at much lower costs to the people and all we have to do is make it clear that our funding is contingent that they keep the customer's value as their number one priority. Most company owners start out this way, but with debt comes compromises and so the corruption begins. Also, most of the companies I've profiled for this, they would only need $10k to $200k with no strings. If they went to a bank, they would be forced to comply with so many requirements that their startup costs would rise to multi-million dollar ranges. With today's crowdsourcing possibilities, this could easily be accomplished by a small group spreading the word that the company is raising funds for a really good cause, etc.

As to how this will solve the problem, I'll return to the example. Help people purchase a system that allows them to grow their own produce, veggies and 4 lbs of fish per week, all year round, with no pesticides or herbicides, no weeds or bugs, no sunlight needed and no cross pollination concerns with GMOs. Since this is not designed to grow more than one family can use, there's no sales or FTC laws that come into play. There's no fear of arrest from selling natural, organic, non-FDA-Fixed products. It's just a home system that people use for their own good. It (and all these similar systems in other industries) is designed for lowest cost to operate, long lasting, best value and as you can see, they have to really solve the whole problem. To get on this list, they must offer more benefits to people for equal or less cost than what they're paying now. This ensures their attractiveness to those people who remain unaware of the numerous reasons I mention here. In short, people won't have to be awakened to become part of the solution. We can use their materialistic desires to get them to do the right thing without their knowledge.

I've collected solutions to every problem area I can find in the world. I've tabulated the likely costs for a non-debt startup of each. I've totaled all these up and, amazingly, it only comes to about $464 million for about 14 different companies. I know that sounds like a lot, but the mass transportation one is over $300M by itself and each of 3 large scale renewable ones are around $20-50M also. The nutshell of all this is that the first ones can be done with as little as $10k and while we're doing the second or third one, it can kick in some of it's profits toward doing those also. By the time we get to the really big projects, we'll have about 10 profitable companies assisting in donations and customer awareness.

Ok, the short list of solutions that I personally know exist today is as follows:

Aquaponics for year round home based produce and fish;
Home solar thermal to electric via stored heat - able to more than power all home needs, possibly including transportation;
Personal vehicle retrofit to hydrogen (solar sourced);
Personal rapid transit system based on widespread tiny maglev rails on poles. Supplants errand, commuting and most local distribution needs;
Home scaled gasifier and digester for turning waste into energy;
Numerous home energy savers;
Home scaled wind turbine that's optimized for low wind speed;
Smart electrical grid that can be done fastest, easiest, cheapest and supports much cheaper integration of home renewable excess for grid stability;
Truth exposing web site combining debate, accountability and opinion for easy dissemination (massive applicability to every industry or social system);
Local purchase of cell towers to operate at low overhead and local control;
Mesh designed local internet connections when integrated with rapid transit system above and smart grid;
Ocean based solar thermal electrical generator who's by-product is desalinated water available hundreds of miles inland;
Ultra-high altitude wind turbines providing 95% capacity factor on 300 mph wind speed;
Multi-mile long greenhouses that utilize coastal water and wind to provide crops to arid regions with large quantities of desalinated drinking water;
Gold backed competing currency that operates similar to a credit card while being inflation resistant (available now);
Group pool insurance system that cuts costs by up to 90% across all types;
Locally focused business model promoting resource, financial and community sustainability;
Sustainable buildings that don't require function compromise;
Home automation integration to tie benefits to conservation and community gain;
Business startup financing model that allows businesses to avoid investor corruption (crowd-funding).

Many people before us have done the research to identify very specific and separate steps we can take. For one reason or another, each has failed to storm the market. Listing those reasons out leads to the awareness of what it takes for really good ideas to prosper. For this reason, to be included in this group, those steps all have met a minimum set of standards. They are:

They must provide a solution to people and society without imposing compromise.
They must be attractive economically from the customer point of view and from the proprietor point of view, even in today's market.
They must be uncontested and viable in technology.
They must be available right now.
They must apply to a majority of people.
They must have an appeal beyond the original solution and out to the materialistic world so they can stand strong in 'today's market' atmosphere.
That appeal must be strong enough that they will grow organically without reliance on an advertising campaign or any puppet strings that come from their funding or support.
Most of all, however, each solution step must be something that a few hundred or possibly thousand people can join together to accomplish, placing that 'product' forever in the black to avoid the pitfalls of debt.
They must support a need or group of needs of the people without relying on the global, corporatism, banking structures.
They must be able to be started on the smallest scale they apply to and duplicated to increase market and they should not rely on growing one central factory or business.

Each of these standards has multiple ways that help ensure a solution works. Without them, any number of market forces in place today could stop them in their tracks. If you believe the steps in the documents are incorrect or incomplete, please compare them against each of these standards and then suggest changes. If not, please assist by discussing ways we can complete them.

With all these in place now or nearly so, people can quickly become self sufficient and actually retire on a life savings of LESS than $100k by the age of 30. It frees up capital for handshake loans which further propagates people to avoid the high interest banking scams. It keeps in the community the money normally sent to Wall St., OPEC or D.C. It frees up jobs for the incoming generation. It reduces the power that money holds over people by substituting abundance. Many other social benefits follow, but you get the point. These products and services all have an inherent attraction built in. That makes their creation profitable without succumbing to the perils of investment, advertisement and market manipulation. Each one supports retained wealth by the customers which leads to more equity of wealth distribution. By simply helping to offer these products to the people, we all benefit many times the original donation amounts.

Following this document will be the individual sub-plans for each of the 20 sections in the list.