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Yeah so I guess that's today's project

I just happen to have the time. Ok so last night the actual text was approved by Amazon's print on demand arm. Now I have to proof the thing and upload cover art.

This represents a level of things going where I hadn't expected. In a little miniature way I'm being pulled along by market demand. I'm really not comfortable with the illustrations thing because all the artwork was drawn on napkins and scraps and scanned in and it's all low res. I wanted to write a book not make every mistake in it. But there is something in my mind to be said for the integrity of a piece as it stands and this story grew out of notes and scribbles and 3 voices all chiming in and telling stories.

In truth, the "writing" process was more an editorial one. I had to leave so much out just to make it read. And I had to cram it into one voice: that of me telling you rather than all of us being told.

That's why I have to write the next book. This one is biased towards facts. The next one will be biased towards the stories. And some of them will be mine.

Well off to work I go.

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