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Comment: OK it's clear that I'm totally inept

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OK it's clear that I'm totally inept

I guess this is why in my spare time I'm a professional technology project manager. I'd never allow this level of ineptitude even if it was a totally new process and methodology. As a professional I'd want to model the whole process first up-front, work out the bugs, define the grey zones, douse the hot spots, take down the red flags, in fact...

I guess I'd do what I'm doing now.

OK so last night I bashed and battled with artistic software which for me is about as intuitive as a phone booth is to an octopus and I upload "cover art" and it's accepted by the software and I got to bed.

This morning the software informs me that my cover art sucks and by the way in this industry there are TWO OF THEM. I.E. front and back.

Oh yeah. Books have two covers. Front and back. They also have spines. Right. And spines often have logos for the "publishing house" and in this case that means me.

Crap, now I need a logo? OK the one thing I didn't intend to be and don't want to be is a graphic artist. I can't let graphic arts into my life. It's too subjective. As a TPM I look upon graphic arts, the visual creative process as a zoo keeper, lion tamer or bar bouncer if necessary. You WILL CONFORM TO PROCESS.

As a consultant I have no problem identifying the problem here. An executive decision needs to be made and that's to fire me and get a real graphics person in here.

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OK so it seems clear to me now that self publishing isn't about the perspective of bringing a book to market, you kinda wanna set up to be a micro PUBLISHING HOUSE. And here is where all the logo and brand identity development would want to happen IN PARALLEL with the actual production of the book itself.

THE REAL SAVING GRAVE HERE is these self-publishing platforms presume that we're totally inept. I can constantly re-upload versions in the ebook side. So the ebook side becomes a proofing platform for the print side.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.