Comment: I only have TWO questions on the 'leaked' Drone-Kill list:

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I only have TWO questions on the 'leaked' Drone-Kill list:

Why? And, why NOW??

First of all, having been around DC types, contrary to popular perception, a lot of 'leaks' aren't leaks at all. They're either calculatingly leaked by the respective regimes themselves to gauge public sentiment, or to lesson the blow, or 'leaked' by a third party to give the appearance of someone leaking it.

Rarely do honest whistleblowers really get a chance to leak any info that benefits the public.

While commendable as Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame maybe, he worked for RAND Corp, the non-official official, public hinktank arm of the CIA, who actually worked on Vietnam war policies himself. And, as many Nixon researchers know, it was the Ruling Class' way of simply booting him out and throwing him under the bus; they care not who's 'in charge' as long as they get to puppet him.

And more recently, it's pretty much accepted fact by now that Cheney himself 'leaked' 'intel' to several NYT 'reporters' to justify Iraq War, went on a press tour and propagandized that 'see even NYT is reporting that Iraq has WMD's!'-meme.

So, seriously, WHY was the memo leaked, frankly, like the WikiLeaks State Dept cable, while it certainly provides a written documented proof of their internal memo, nothing in there is something that those of us who have been following the Drone and NDAA issues, none of this is 'new.' Sure, the public (who don't give a sh*t about anything else as is) gets a chance to see it, and some will repeat it as if they had some geopolitical revelation at cocktail parties or at their favorite hipster cafes.

Now, even Michael Moore who openly supported and funded oBUSHma's re-election, is now calling for 'justice' in the name of the victims, from the very murderous tyrant that he supported. Um, really?? No, really, really???

But really, why? WHY was this memo 'leaked' to GE's NBC/MSDNC, the de facto MSM propaganda arm of the oBUSHma Whitehouse???

And, how many POTUS admins have you guys seen that acquiesce to public pressure from the moment a 'secret memo' is 'leaked,' in this case, just TWO days after the news??


This memo is being leaked because THEY WANTED IT LEAKED!

But why? And, why now?

'Worse' because Brennan's confirmation hearing is coming up. And remember, he's the first public oBUSHma official that made public of the fact of existence of GWB-oBUSHma's illegal UAV Unitary Executive's American Citizen Assassination Kill List!

Don't you guys think that is way too much coinkydink??

Why is this being leaked by the Admin themselves especially around the time that Brennan is about to go through the Senate crucible, making the Drone kill list a no.1 issue at the confirmation and several proceeding hearings thereafter?

So what's the effect?

1. They want to 'normalize' drone murders vs. American Citizenry?
2. Is the Ruling Class getting ready to throw the oBUSHma Admin under the bus? But what, immediately after re-(s)election that they orchestrated and fixed?
3. Is this part of Cass Sunstein's meme of introduce their own ridiculous 'conspiracies' into the public 'conspiracy blogoshere' to simply confuse and conflate... for the sole sake of confusing and conflating real facts?

All I know is this. The mere fact that oBUSHma Admin is announcing that they're doing 180 to now release the kill memo themselves, tells me 100% that this is an authorized 'leak,' under the direct auspices of the Obama White House.

And the fact that this is being leaked to the official White House MSM organ GE/Comcast's NBC/MSDNC gives them an extra 'legitimacy' cover to the liberals, because it's Rachel Madcow on TV telling them 'see, we're impartial! we're criticizing oBUSHma for illegal drone kills, now, even though we knew about it since the beginning of his 1st term! wooopieeee!'

Imagine if this was leaked to Faux News?

Any thoughts my DP peeps??

What I am pretty certain about? Tyrants don't suddenly grow a conscience or have a catharsis, suddenly, when they've been actively working to amass this much centralized power.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul