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Stand together

The government doesn't really care whether you live or die, face it. The reason given for the initial war on smokers was based on second hand smoke. The real reason is traced to two areas, 1st. Government-control scheme, smoking, obesity then an alcohol attack. The two later groups will come into full effect when oBOMBa care is implemented. Then the government will truly own your body with control over what is put into it. The 2nd is big pharma- smoke cessation products. All those on the 'board' are the big wigs of the Pharmaceutical Industry. The more oppressive the actions against smokers, the more millions Pharma pull in. Divide and conquer and vilify are the two most successful psychological ploys used. Throw in "for the sake of the children" from the UN memos. The psychological thrust has resulted in those nasty sheep who want to control others.

As large corporations doctor the product for addiction[maximum profit], Large Pharma corporations cash in on patches, gum etc.[maximum profits] The circle is on-going with the help of government psych-ops and gullible sheep. With the profits for tobacco corps, none for big pharma and none for government and more importantly, they lose control. There goes vilification. Sadly, the irritable sheep have nothing to bit-h about.

To allow the e-cig is a win, win for the health of smokers
A lose, lose for government,Tobacco Corps and Big Pharma Corps.
Who will win?
I believe the win for smokers will occur only if the two groups who are NEXT don't allow the divide and conquer. All groups have to fight TOGETHER for liberty. One falls, we all fall. Free choice when it comes to our own bodies is the epitomy of Freedom.