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Comment: Hello Marc. There are regulator of glutamate uptake.

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Hello Marc. There are regulator of glutamate uptake.

High blood insulin is a proven problem.

Rat study on glutamate.

"Evidence for glutamate-mediated damage of oligodendroglia somata and processes in white matter suggests that glutamate regulation in white matter structures is also of clinical importance."

Glutamate passes into neurons through a tiny hole guarded by Magnesium and Calcium ions.

If magnesium is deficient but glutamate is abundant glutamate enters the neuron and it will scream until it burns itself out.

Our food is laced with high glutamate ingredients. How can an autistic child handle this brain scream. A teaspoon magnesium citrate solution as needed until calm is re-established.

Some signs of Magnesium deficiency:
Menstrual migraine
ECG changes
Neuro muscular problems
Muscle 'ties'

I salt to taste to insure I can produce sufficient stomach acid.

Restricting table salt intake has been linked to disease yet produces no benefit.

Free includes debt-free!