Comment: You may be right...

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You may be right...

You may be right that some part of those who go into I've-been-victimized-because-I-was-offended is calculated. (Worse, Beck's sort of language that AMERICA has been offended by a tweet. Please! Even the word TWEET makes it hard to take offense. You have to sweat to get offended by anything labeled TWEET.)

But then I see this sort of behavior on local boards and groups of all sorts. There's this desperate need to not mis-step, to be on the right side. And there's an equally desperate need to be in the club. Too often we succumb to the maze of process and feelings. How dare we proceed despite our being offended? How dare we not stop all the clocks and deal with the tragedy of someone or some group's offended feelings? Or our own? No, if anyone's offended, all progress toward solutions -- drat, even the debate of actual issues -- must stop to pet and sooth the offended.

We love to be all offended because it gives us a pass on the actual work of researching and understanding an issue. And then figuring out what we can do to make a difference.

I worry that blaming this sort of media reaction of a active plan to damage the Liberty Movement is not so different. Take offense, call our movement a victim. How is that different from the drama-seeking-issue-avoidance of the media featured in this post?

The issue is that Paul tweeted a reminder that a country that lives by the sword should expect more of us dying by the sword. Let's deal with the issue and refuse to be sidetracked by process and conjured offenses.