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Comment: Yep, absolutely right. Always

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Yep, absolutely right. Always

Yep, absolutely right. Always trying to distract the public when something big is coming. Now I don't necessarily think this would be the reason but everytime one of the cases against Obama gets higher up the totem pole, I noticed big news usually comes out right before. Dr. Orly Taitz is supposed to show evidence of Obama using a fraudulent social security number to the Supreme Court on Feb. 15. When Obama posted his tax returns several years ago, the social security number was traced back to a deceased Connecticut resident. Obama never resided in Connecticut. It's interesting to say the least that everytime one of these cases gets closer, there's a distraction so the public won't hear the facts. The mainstream media will not cover them either. As I said before, these distractions could be for something else. They are attempting to inundate the media and public with story after story thinking it can't be handled and each distracts from older stories. But with 300,000,000 Americans, they can't distract everybody. And we aren't forgetting the facts already coming out. Remember in the movie Jurassic Park when the dumpy little guy threw a stick hoping to distract the venom spitting dinosaur? We're kind of like that. Throw a stick over and over but we'll be right back on you. LOL