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Comment: The old "the votes aren't there" excuse,

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The old "the votes aren't there" excuse,

the same one used by treasonous Democrats for not starting the impeachment of Bush. Now as a result we have reached this stage.

It is wrong for a number of reasons.

- the votes are never there on the first day, you build up to them. The calls for Nixon's impeachment grew louder and louder until his own party was telling him "it's all over." But someone has to start it.

- History must note that someone took a stand, successful or not. Our children and grandchildren must know that something happened to their rights that day and it was NOT ok. The fight to restore the republic will be theirs to continue.

I was there during the impeachment movement for Bush, for lying about WMD and holding Americans without trial. Politicians using the EXACT same excuse as you are using now are EXACTLY what got us here today. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Release the Sandy Hook video.