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Brother, the fullness of time has been achieved.

At one time in my life a living man actually said ANSWER ME, TRUTH COMPELS YOU TO ADMIT.

I had and have but one answer: truth compels me not at all and this was simultaneously a statement of fact and a reference to Pere Ubu and my last and only defence for that which compels us cannot at any time be entirely trusted.

That said, a non-involved but powerful coactive is love. Love is not a guarantee but love is constantly making promises. Love always hopes. Love always keeps company with Perseverance and Optimism and Hope.

And these pretty gals occasionally group up and go to visit Trust and Fidelity.

Brother Deacon, today I am compelled not by truth but by Love and Commitment, the fullness of time on my promise to you has been achieved, I now have made enough money from this book to buy us a 12 pack.

Plus you can crash on the couch.

Bring a 12 pack and you get access to the shower and breakfast in the morning.

For after all, to keep a contract all we need is a lawyer but to observe the SPIRIT OF THE CONTRACT probably involved booze, couch, breakfast, etc.

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