Comment: Good guy or Bad guy?

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Good guy or Bad guy?

Reading his manifesto was very informative. LAPD is going to get cleaned out of all their BAD cops by one man. Shame he was treated as he was, sounds like a straight shooter [no pun intended] One of the few good guys who was serving and protecting the people. His problem was he was too good for them, too much integrity and concern for the people. Did he 'lose it?" How would you clean out corruption when those in charge are corrupt? Read it in it's entirety, what do you think? Feel sorry for the guy.
He is exposing the bad cops, male and female, they're all naked, with everything they're doing now proving his manifesto to be true. Will he be taken alive? A trial to bring this out? No way. Not even if hands in air saying ,"I surrender". He was wronged, has nothing he feels important left to live for, his integrity, helping others, was his mantle.