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If it were true

... that habitually acidic blood causes diabetes, and it is also true that meat causes your blood to become acidic, then it would follow that a diet of mostly meat would almost certainly cause diabetes.

In fact, the opposite is the case. A diet rich in meat and low in sugars and starches can, and does, reverse the effects of diabetes. Among traditional Inuit who eat 100% meat for close to nine months out of every year, there is zero incidence of diabetes.

As I said before, the acidic blood does not cause anything. It is merely a symptom of diseases caused by other means. It's like blaming lung cancer on bad breath instead of on smoking; if we just stayed away from smelly foods, brushed regularly and used mouthwash, we would protect ourselves from lung cancer. A nice theory, but wrong.

The diet that the "acidic blood" people recommend is actually a good one though, even though their reasoning is backwards. This is because foods that are truly healthy tend to promote a healthy blood pH as its own symptom.