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...the point much money does it take to "discredit" the MSN or our critics?

I can convey just as much passion, reason, emotion and patriotic expression while working two jobs I need a media empire to change hearts and minds, or,win people over?

I wanted to start a thread, separate from the original, where we can answer specifically to Glenn Beck's DOA slam on the call screeners, no waiting in line, no holding over during the break, no "sorry we've run out of time, call back tomorrow".

We're gonna need money for candidates and PAC's if they don't outlaw them....we're creative, we're passionate, and...well...we're right!

We have to keep the fire burning, "what would our nation be thinking NOW if Ron Paul was in the White House?" Obama's re-election should NOT be four more years of material for Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or Alex Jones...something we can "look forward" to on our radio dials.

Glenn Beck took his marching orders, or, he took the bait....either way, just this site alone can generate enough truth to lambaste him, for a fraction of the cost....there's a vision here, our own network, not spokesperson...