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Comment: F*CK YES!!! And, Rand or Mike Lee should lead with this;

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F*CK YES!!! And, Rand or Mike Lee should lead with this;

as per the Constitutional mandate, Amash should draw up Impeachment from the House side for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Well, suppose politically it can look more Machiavellian, should Rand/Lee run on a ticket for 2016 after residing over Senate Impeachment hearings, eh?

Regardless, it's the right thing to do.But seriously, even out of pure political expediency alone, GOP maggots should impeach the thug.

Then again, suppose they love that POTUS power to kill on whim too much to rid it. After all, they didn't impeach Clinton for illegal Balkan War, killing 500,000+ Iraqis with sanctions, or the false flag World Trade Ctr bombing #1, Ruby Ridge, Waco, or OKC. They did it for the stained blue dress, topped off with the biggest public campaign of utterly fake bullscheisse feigned indignant huffy puffiness.

Some days I just feel like, 'you know what, maybe EVERYONE should draw up ALL welfare programs, hell even demand more, and their warfare; let the f*ckers just bankrupt the entire country, officially; it's on her last leg anyway, let's quicken it, yipee!'

Then, the brain smack: if the sheeple morons are as easily swayed by a sustained MSM propaganda campaign to the point that 77% of the public thought Iraq had WMDs and are possibly responsible for 9/11, and when the current MSM propaganda campaign to demonize gunowners to the level of AlCIAda, what possible chance do we have that what follows, will be any better? They're not gonna remember any of the patriots who warned them about what was to come, decades ago. No one's gonna remember that Keynesian statist militarist mercantilist corporatist econ model bankrupted and enslaved us: they'll be back to being too busy to survive, just like before with the illusory 'stable' system.

And seeing as how that's the case, sorry Gerald Celente: love ya, but I'm not with your "Direct Democracy"; what follows the ashes of collapse will be worse, especially when there is not enough critical mass of culture of liberty, now.

If optimistic, I'd say 10% of America's awake. Sure they say it only took 3%. Then again, there are other historians who claim that eventually majority of the country supported the original Am. Revolution as you couldn't have a lasting, successful revolution without the general populace behind ya. Absolutely true.

So... guess in some sense, if the masses are easily swayed to be evil, technically they should also be easily swayed toward good, with sustained MSM 'propaganda,' right?

Well, aside from the fact that MSM will never be on our side, or be good, and as the Doc stated in his final speech, Freedom is a hard sell, especially for a morally degenerate populace.

So, what are we left with, after the collapse of the Empire?

Pockets of various mini civilizations/societies of all types/fiefdoms/fmr cartel gangland/fmr.copthug now turned cartel ganglad all across America as the following videos ponders??

What I do know is, while nobody seems to follow the written Constitution that we do have, let alone fully comprehend it, still it is something concrete and written down, that at least everyone can debate over, simply because it's already here, to BE debated over: personally, even as an AnCap, I recognize that.

I'm not sure how in a culture where the notion of individual sovereignty is not respected, we can suddenly get to a complete voluntaryist society, when the mob surrounding you won't leave you alone.

So, I see a restoration of a strict Constructionist Constitution as a rather worthy midstep, before getting there.

Now, of course there should be a few more amendments to further clarify, repeal or strengthen certain delegated powers: "General Welfare," Taxation, Eminent Domain, Post Office, and 2nd Amendment, police state/police powers (mainly none), etc.

Well, that is, if I had my druthers...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul