Comment: With NBC all over it, I knew it was an approved leak

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With NBC all over it, I knew it was an approved leak

In my view it was released to see if there would be any public outrage. Expecting that the administration would be forced into releasing some type of official unclassifed document in the near future, this was a way of determining how specific they would need to be in order to satisfy John Q Sheeple.

Also, I honestly think they just don't care anymore. They know nearly 80% of Americans no longer believe the official story of 9/11, they know that at least a majority of people know wall-street and DC are enriching themselves at the expense of taxpayers and the unborn, they know that everyone is aware Iraq had no weapons of mass distruction, they assassinated a head of State (Qadaffi) and Americans shrugged, they admitted they were funding Al-CIA-DA and funneling weapons to them to try and kill Assad, and got only really...I just can't imagine that they think there is anything they can't do.

I think we will end up saving America but the longer it takes to wake up the masses...the more likely serious violence will be involved.

I'm cautiously optimistic that liberty minded people are waking up people at pace that will allow for peaceful change. I'm also counting on several different movements that I believe have been organizing a peaceful resistance for several years to finally begin executing their plan.

Only time will tell.