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Thanks Kcop

Thanks Kcop
Didn't know this part of his manifesto existed when posting below. Thanks for posting a link. Looks as though, if this is a true part of it, he was very aware and attuned to the overreaching and at times, evil power of the LAPD .He was also totally clueless about the overreaching power of the looming world situation. Since he has no knowledge of world domination by the UN, he is living in the 'rabbit hole'. A world where the police are the answer to all crime, that's if they were all honest. Clean up the PD and all will be right with the world. Not an odd ideology, many out there who haven't been awakened to the truth or keep abreast of world events, watch only the state controlled main stream media, would agree.

A Hoax? Humm, can't see a bonus for the 2nd bashers except for the part you just posted. If so, the price from the rest of his writings would be throwing most of the LAPD under the bus. [Although they are doing that themselves, killing innocent people] Could look at it as a gain for their gun restriction cause nationally. They don't care about the already known dirty cop, corrupt LAPD, Think of it as useless collateral damage locally with information most, even those who don't live there, already knew.
One thing for sure, if you own a dk gray car OR truck in the state of California, keep it in the garage and take the bus!! LAPD are acting like the evil Psycho's he claimed many are. Shoot first, ask questions later with zero consequences for them. Their badge = a licence to kick, beat and kill innocent people legally.