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Link the Dots

Great observations and points! I had been thinking about it in the same manner, however, they are leading up to something soon without a doubt. Sometimes I wish I would write down or make a pin board with articles I come across that don't make big news necessarily. It was several weeks ago that it was said... Al Qeada was definitely going to strike inside the USA ifs ands or buts about it. This was let out during the fury of the gun debate and Bengazhi hearings. Now the issue of drone killing in the USA. I am sure there are more tid bits that have been put out that lead one to presume, some sort of "hit" is going to be made on the US, false flag or otherwise. Then, no problem with getting the American people to accept drone killings in the US, as it will probably be could have been stopped with drones. Anyway, I believe they let info out on purpose as well, it is just a big serious game to them.